Recognizing the learning issues canopy students face when they start their journey from AFF to their first canopy, ICARUS Canopies has developed the EQUINOX specifically to allow a safer canopy piloting learning process. With a carefully balanced rectangular planform, the EQUINOX provides a soft but consistent short snivel deployment both with spring loaded and hand deployed pilot chutes. Its easy but lively handling at student wing loading airspeeds and high control range provides the student a great learning experience. EQUINOX forgiving flare characteristics complete an ideal learning tool for drop zones and flight schools.

Recommended Wing Loading: 0.5 psf to 1.2 psf


EQUINOX - Model 189 209 239 259 279 299
Size (Sq.Ft.) 189 209 239 259 279 299
MSW (Lbs) 228 252 288 300 300 300
Weight (Lbs) 9 10 12 13 14 15

The EQUINOX is heavy duty engineered hybrid canopy prepared to withstand the hard use experienced in busy flight schools and dropzones. It provides a hassle free option for student/novice jumpers looking for reliable openings, easy maneuverability, and comfortable pack volume.

EQUINOX provides a perfect choice for drop zones and schools in need of cost effective, reliable and forgiving canopies for AFF, Static Line and Rental Gear. The rugged construction of the EQUINOX has proven itself in both military and sport drop zone environments since years.

  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Forgiving



IC Main Canopy Manual 
Psycho Pack for the Icarus Canopies
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